A Glimpse into Haida Gwaii

I just spent the last two days in Haida Gwaii off the coast of British Columbia on Graham Island. Work brought me here for a very brief visit and I'll be leaving tomorrow morning, but I managed to get a few photos while I was here..

The culture here is so rich with the Haida nation and I was lucky enough to take some time to get a glimpse of it when I visited the Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate. On display are amazing pieces of historic and modern works of local Haida artisans. The totem poles were just mind bending. I got to speak briefly to one of the local carver in the carving house and took a few photos of him and other standing totems around the grounds.

Met a few tree planters traveling around the island during their time off from the summer plant. We made our way out to a section of the South Beach on the north-eastern horn of the island. A super friendly and welcoming group that reminded me of my brother Brandon and of my one-time rookie planting season in 2007.

Below is a photo of me just finishing up with our field work at this old adit way back in the bush in central Haida Gwaii

Photo taken by Tom Broddy