Bella Coola and Back Again 2016

These one-hundred+ photos below depict a redux of mine and Lindsay's 2015 canoe trip to these beautiful natural hot springs tucked away in a nearby ocean inlet. This year we were joined by Danika, Allan, Scott, Nathan and one more lovely Lindsay (Bishop).

We headed out from the Bella Coola wharf on Easter long weekend, this time in kayaks. The paddle still took a solid 6.5 hours but no issues. We were lucky enough to paddle on glass, check out a dolphin squad from afar, say hello to a big old groggy black bear and enjoy the rest of the beautiful scenery at a nice pace. 

We had a curious little resident martin pay us a visit.. That was pretty neat. Except for when he stole Scott and Bishop's cheese. Greedy little guy. You could tell it was a martin because the way that it is.

At the very start before the paddle, Scott, Bishop and Nathan were hooked up by Alex at Glacier Creek Outfitting with a place to sleep for the night and a sweet double-kayak (or more aptly named by Shreddi, 'divorce craft') which was quickly modified to battle-ready status with the addition of antlers at the bow. Mark at Red Shreds Bike & Board Shed set up Lindsay and me for the trip as well - such a generously rad dude.

Since we had to keep to a strict schedule we booked a charter for the return home on Monday morning. Well-rested we woke up to the sound of Steady-Eddie's fishing vessel 'Whispering Winds' coming down the South Bentinck Arm towards the cabin. Eddie Willson of Bella Coola Seafoods was our taxi back to Bella Coola. He took good care of us with tea and coffee and let Allen skipper the boat for most of the way back. during which he demoted Eddie to first-mate.

So enjoy the photos and please keep an open mind, because when it comes to private hot springs in the middle of nowhere... "Nude or prude" encouraged - but not enforced :)

Make sure you watch Scott's sweet little video for the live action version of the trip which includes some of Bishop's photos in the mix!

And let the photos begin... (quite a few images to load so be patient)