A good friend from my days at Okanagan College circa 2012, Shayne Ermel married his beauty of a partner Amanda Eberts in September of 2017.


Amanda + Shayne 2017

Kelowna, BC

These two asked me to shoot their engagement photos and at the time, I “didn’t do engagement photos”. With some kind words and a little rubber arm twisting, I couldn’t say no. Fast forward and long story short, we had such an amazing day together for their wedding where I was welcomed in as more of a ‘friend with camera’ than ‘the wedding photographer’. Amanda and Shayne, as well as their friends and family are all colourful and entertaining characters that made this an unforgettable day. So I hope you enjoy what you see - I think back to this time quite often and going back through these photos for this long overdue post reminds me of how great these two were and still are. Love the both of you.

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