Dustin and Michelle - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Vegas Wedding!

Holy Hell what a fun week for me and Lindsay in Vegas last month! My first time really spending some time south of the border and it was such a fun experience. I'm easily impressed by bright lights and tall buildings so this was especially STIMULATING! 

I accepted the invite to photograph Dustin and Michelle's wedding a few months ago and was counting the days to departure ever since. Dustin and I go way back to the days of the Shaunavon Co-op and Valley View Bible Camp - we've kept in touch since each of our departures from Shaunavon about 10 years ago so it was pretty cool to really re-connect again for his wedding with his lovely little wife Michelle. What a peach she is! Right away we connected and it didn't take long before I thought of Michelle as the sharply sarcastic little sister I never had - and I loved it! Lindsay and I had so much fun spending the week with these two - couldn't have been more happy.

Since this is my first wedding event I wanted to document as much as I could - for two reasons... One; the deal at the Elvis chapel strictly stated that I was not to get up from my seat and Two; that we're in Vegas! It was a bummer being glued to my seat but I managed to snag a few keepers anyway.

Not too much planning was involved with location so we really winged it on more than one occasion. Seeing the way Dustin and Michelle were so natural together, I took the more of a documentary style approach to most of the photographs to accompany the posed portraits. I feel like I was able to capture a bit of their Vegas story together and I'm really happy everything just fell into place.

From the Casino to the German beer hall to "A" Elvis Chapel, here's a schwack-load (seriously, like a hundred-forty photos) of the cutest depiction of a love scene to ever come outta Grenfell, Saskatchewan! Enjoy.

Wedding Day!