[Data] Roaming Vegas

I had two goals in mind when I got to Las Vegas in November. Try not to screw up Dustin and Michelle's wedding photos; and have a go at shootingsome street photography.

It was fun to shoot with a different idea in mind than usual - creating shots of people whom I have zero interaction with at the time. I'm just looking around and finding interesting scenes, tourists, and entertainers (yes they were tipped for their photos). I had an idea in my head for a lot of these shots and  I mostly liked the idea of people in motion since that`s all Vegas seemed to be - insanely busy.  I think people who've been to Vegas will like seeing some of these familiar sights .

So, here`s  to it - thanks for coming by and enjoy the photos (there`s a lot). 

Inspired by photographer Ibarionex Perello and The Candid Frame podcast