CUBA 2017

This Spring, Lindsay finished her degree in Nursing at UNBC in Prince George. In order to celebrate, the Richmonds organized a family trip to Cuba.

IMG_3071 (2048).jpg

So not only is Lindsay deserving of a huge CONGRATULATIONS but I also have John and Vicki to thank for popping my international travel cherry! The time I spent in Cuba was such a blast. We took a guided trip into Havana which included a tour through the cigar factory and a long scenic walk through the city. 

I don't speak Spanish but what few words I was able to retain got me around a little easier with each day. The staff at the resort were able to help me with a few tips to make my way to Matanzas for a photo excursion for an afternoon.

With every Cuban I met, they greeted me with a smile and handshake. When they recognized I was Canadian, they would shake my hand again. Cuba has a pretty special relationship with Canada that I was completely oblivious to before our visit. 

Each portrait was shot with the permission of the subject yet their expression before the photo was taken slightly differed once the camera was up. Everyone was all smiles but once the camera was up, I would see a solemn and serious tone come across their face. There were still smiles on a few but for the most part the moment for a photo was a serious one as one man described to me.

I posted a million photos again - so enjoy.