TALES FROM THE TRAILS - BC Enduro Weekend in Williams Lake

This weekend Williams Lake hosted a stop for the BC Enduro Series.

ENDURO RACING: Enduro racing (un-timed climbs and timed descents). With no 'official specific' structure, enduro racing has developed over the past few years into various ideas and capacities.  The bonus has been the draw of the more relaxed personalities of mountain bike riders than what cross-country (XC) and down hill (DH) racing can have. The vibe that participants just really want to get out there and explore new riding locations, ride with friends, and their love and passion for riding their bike, all whilst still getting a competitive racing aspect to it.  -BCEnduro.com

I shot a few photos before and after the events. 

The official BC Enduro Series images shot during the event by James Cattanach are available [HERE].

Here's one he took of me during a lap down Fox Mtn during the Sunday race...

Image shot by James Cattanach