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CBC Radio West with Rebecca Zandbergen featured a nice litle interview about their interest in the calendar last week. Give it a listen to hear me talk about the project.

ICYMI: From last week, our interview about that calendar featuring nude mountain bikers from Williams Lake. It's a good one :)

Posted by CBC Radio West on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Have a look the preview of our

2016 Williams Lake Cycling Club Calendar!

Over the last two months we've been working hard in support of our local Williams Lake Cycling Club. Our efforts have lead to the creation of an amazing collaboration between friends and local talent. We've come up with this calendar to raise proceeds for the bike club who plays a huge part in keeping our local biking community alive.

All the time taken to prepare, organize, and photograph this calendar has been volunteered! This means that every dollar above the cost of materials supports the Bike Club's initiatives such as trail building and maintenance and this year's Mountain Bike Tourism Symposium.

Right now you can make your pre-order so we can have your calendar ready for the end of October! I'll be accepting email money transfer to my email address kentbernadet@gmail.com (traceable + safe!). If you have any questions please feel free to contact me asap. 

Pre-orders can be made in person at Red Shreds Bike and Board Shed.

Prices are $20 for local pickup or $25 to ship.